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SEO Services

SEO Services – Fresh Traffic SEO Services

Search engine optimization leaders Fresh Traffic, with it’s wealth of SEO Services, has been exceeding client expectations for over a decade. Fresh Traffic set the bar for SEO Services and specialists in Winnipeg Canada, and has been involved in providing SEO services since before the term was introduced into the mainstream.

SEO Services offered by Fresh TrafficOnly some of the SEO services we provide for clients:

    • Detailed analysis of your competition and the keywords relative to your industry


    • On-page optimization


    • Quality & relevant link building


    • Brand protection


    • Position reporting


    • Detailed statistics about your website traffic


  • On-going consultation for all your online needs



We are results oriented, as the merits of our work are completely visible. We are confident we can move you from the dark shadows of pages deep within the search engines to the light of top positions. A brief explanation of some of the differences between our SEO Services and a PPC campaign follows.


For those who don’t know what SEO is this acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. In short and simple terms, every search engine gives results based on a series of criteria, usually keyword and content related. The engine compares the search request to its index of websites and their descriptions, and gives the most relevant answers it can, ranked in order of precedence.

Organic SEO has the benefit of having no inherent costs associated with it. Search engines don’t charge businesses for their ranking in the list, so the only essential investment is building a noteworthy site that generates the traffic and keyword results that will bring a high ranking. The downside is that it needs a great deal of research to properly take benefit of this strategy. In addition, it relies entirely on users searching for terms that relate to your site, leaving the state far less in your business’s hands than some owners may be comfortable with.

PPCSEO Goal reached by Fresh Traffic

In pay per click advertising, businesses contact a search engine and bid on certain keywords they feel are particularly relevant to their website. For example, a company making horse saddles might bid on keywords pertaining to horses, riding events, and saddles. Then, when someone searches these terms, the search engine provides a link to this business in the form of a pay per click advertisement. The name pay per click comes from the fact that the company should pay the website a fee every time a user clicks the advertisement.

Pay per click advertising is attractive because it increases the odds of really snagging a targeted audience. Rather than having one result possibly come up in a search, there’s another result just off to the side, increasing the chances of gaining user attention. On the flip side, PPC can quickly become a cost burden. Every single click must be paid for, and there’s no guarantee that every click will result in a sale, meaning costs could skyrocket before a business is prepared to deal with them.