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Manitoba Bold Initiative

Sep 18, 2011   //   by FreshTraffic   //   CentrePort, inland port, internet marketing, online branding, web marketing, Winnipeg, winnipeg business, Winnipeg Chamber, winnipeg free press  //  Comments Off

The Manitoba Bold Initiative, What is it? Well from what I read it’s about being bold with your ideas for making Manitoba a better place.

As part of its efforts to inject some bold ideas into the economic policies during the current provincial election, Dave Angus, president of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and spokesman for Manitoba Bold, said the clean energy and technology sectors have the most potential for growth. I could agree with some
of that.

I also watched streaming video coverage at the Winnipeg Free Press News Café on transportation, venture capital and Manitoba’s revenue model featuring CentrePort Canada CEO Diane Gray, Prairie Fire Growth Ventures CEO Harry Schulz, and Pitblado Law’s Brian Bowman. (By the way Brian I love your Blog)

Now I can tell you that in my 4 years since I arrived in Manitoba I have been called Bold, also Arrogant, Blunt, Frank, Candid and a pain in the Ass plus a few more, but until this province and some of the so called business leaders in Manitoba get that the world has changed, the way people and business communicate has changed and have the courage
to grab the bull by the horns to make us change, until then, these leaders in
Manitoba will still be playing catch up with the rest of the world (and other
provinces). You can only treat people so long like mushrooms by keeping them in
the dark and feeding them bullshit.

I don’t profess to be a politician, nor will I ever be that way, but being bold in Manitoba, I can tell you from first-hand experience that the powers that be and so called decision makers don’t like it one bit.

I doesn’t matter if your proved right down the line, their ego’s won’t let them,
they like you to toe the line, their line and it is exactly that small town
mentality that holds Manitoba back. They need to be BOLD and take
the necessary steps to WIN.

When I arrived in 2007 we had Selling Winnipeg to the World, where did that go?, oh yes it got changed to Yes Winnipeg, Destination Winnipeg was changed back to Economic Development & Tourism Winnipeg and Winnipeg’s Inland Port got changed to Centreport Canada in 2008, We also had the the Human Rights Museum starting off.

So in 2007 up until today I have tried to be very bold, in fact I went to see all of the above entity’s and offered my help, why not?, after all I was let into Canada as a world expert in my field, even the BBC called me when I arrived, (come on that’s got to be impressive). I had worked with large organizations before, governments, celebrities and so on and
was successful in all our workings, why not help Manitoba? I live here now.

Not on your nelly, this is the real problem with Manitoba, not just me, I know other people and companies who have had the same shuns. Manitobans don’t trust outsiders, it takes a while for them to warm to you, they hate the idea of you making any money, god forbid they don’t get there share and they always know someone else who works out of a basement or small office who went to college or night school for 3 weeks who learned to be an expert.

Wake up you sad Muppets, put your ego’s aside, get your ass into gear, pay the money and go make this province what it can become, Great. You will need help though, truly, from an internet prospective you are light years behind, and this is where all the action is happening, I know and would be happy to call out every single so called internet marketing and social media agency in Winnipeg who do work here, Why? Because I have spoken to most, helped most, have emails from most asking for help, jobs or white label services before deciding to go off and sell their little knowledge to unqualified
business buyers and the like.

BE BOLD, This year alone my company will have supplied over 15 million visitors to Manitoba websites, we also keep blogging and telling business to protect your brand, stop putting the cart before the horse, so when Manitoba business leaders start talking about Manitoba Clean Energy or Manitoba Entrepreneurship’s and Start up Nations and Transportation Hubs without protecting these wonderful ideas, it does make you wonder.

On closing, these are opinions of the writer only, please no more attorney
letters, if the cap fits wear it. Be Bold and venture into a new world, we are waiting here for you and happy to help.


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