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Social media gurus losing lustre

May 27, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   New Media, social media, Winnipeg  //  327 Comments

I read a great peice recently about social media, it said Used car salesmen owe the Internet a big thank you.

Although as recently as last fall, their profession was ranked among the least-trusted in Canada, Web 2.0 has given rise to a hot new contender for that dubious distinction.

The social media guru — see also: social media rock star, cowboy, maverick, ninja, et al. — is becoming one of the Internet’s most maligned denizens, primarily due to a proliferation of posers exploiting the title for profit.

On Twitter alone, the self-described social media experts more than tripled their presence, from 4,487 to 15,740, between May and December 2009. And while many are the real deal a disproportionate number are charlatans who’ve left a snake-oil slick on the profession’s image.

Looks like they are moving over from calling themselves SEO’s to social media and new media experts.

I can well believe these numbers, in Winnipeg alone numbers have quadrupled in recent months, search marketing was the first big mover last year, increasing from around half a dozen to over 250 in one year.

If you hear you need Twitter, you need Facebook, you need YouTube, and we’ll set it up for you for 10 grand, run a mile, some of these clowns think just becuase they have a facebook page it counts as being an expert.

So the next time some new media company calls you wanting to charge your company for signing them up with a social media site and judging success from the amount of twitter followers you have, show them the door.

P.S. If your in Winnipeg, get a free social media listing at www.winnipeggers.ca

Winnipeg Gets it’s own Social Media Website

Mar 17, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   social media, social network, website, Winnipeg  //  Comments Off

Winnipeggers will now have a chance to meet and socialize, buy & sell, blog and chat on there very own city social network.

Winnipeg, Canada, March 17, 2010 –(PR.com)– The website called www.winnipeggers.ca has launched the beta test version for the next few weeks to provide Winnipeggers a chance to shape the website as they want it. The site is unique in that it provides all the functions of a social media website like Facebook, with the convenience of easy access to information about Winnipeg. cont

Is Social Media a Fad?

Feb 15, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   branding, internet marketing, Manitoba, online marketing, seo, social media, Winnipeg  //  Comments Off

In the last 3 years I have been told the Internet is a Fad and recently Social Media is no better, I think the following video says it all. Here at Fresh Traffic we can help you, not only with social media marketing, but with online branding, SEO and Internet Marketing Solutions.

We are the leading company in Winnipeg, Manitoba supplying these services.


Downtown fitness destination will be ‘one-stop shop’

Jan 20, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   goodlife fitness, keep fit, overweight, Winnipeg  //  117 Comments

GoodLife Fitness, the largest club chain of its kind in Western Canada, is scheduled to open its second co-ed location in Winnipeg this April.

Now don’t get me wrong here, but you would think the staff running around in track suits trying to encourage new customers to join and lose those few pounds for a better healthier life would not look like bowling balls themselves.

I know we are all made in different shapes and sizes, but does not commonsense from a marketing point of view tell you when your selling a good life keep fit program that the staff should not look 20-30 pounds overweight themselves.

The mind boggles.

CentrePort Canada Website Achieves Milestone

Jan 18, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   canada, CentrePort, inland port, Winnipeg  //  Comments Off

Fresh Traffic Group, an online brand marketing company, specialists in search engine optimization, registered owners and operators of www.winnipeginlandport.ca have announced today a milestone in the visibilty they’ve generated for Winnipeg’s inland port project. Over 50 countries have logged on and downloaded information regarding this local Mega Project in Winnipeg.

Full Story

Revenue from radio and outdoor advertising both fall.

Jan 15, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   outdoor advertising, radio, Winnipeg  //  49 Comments

This was the story from Astral Media, Astral has said previously that it would consider acquiring Canwest speciality TV assets if the price were right.

A similar trend of rising television and falling radio revenue was reported Wednesday by Toronto-based Corus Entertainment Inc which is partners with Astral in a number of channels.

Astral also has an outdoor advertising business, which is down four per cent.

The online media departments for most companies has been the only bright light with most reporting an increase in traffic and profits.

I feel this trend and gap will only get wider until these dinosaurs eventually release the Internet is the way to go.

Then the real fun will start, the days of build a website and people will come have long gone, Canada has no real digital plan going forward and will be playing catch up to it’s southern neighbors for some time to come.

Then they will have to start from scratch like building a bricks and mortar business, get some expertize on search engine optimization and Internet marketing so people actually get to see the websites.

A Winnipeg radio station we spoke to recently gave me this answer to an seo and online marketing program, they felt the Internet was really a waste of time going forward and that they could brand themselves and garner new advertising revenues and listeners from the radio shows by giving out the radio’s website and they wonder why they are failing so badly.

Goldeyes go for Fresh

Jan 12, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   fresh traffic, goldeyes, internet marketing, seo, Winnipeg  //  233 Comments

The Winnipeg Goldeyes have re-engaged the Internet markeing / SEO services of the Fresh Traffic Group for their 2010 season. The two organizations teamed up last year to begin expanding the Goldeyes brand across the major search engines with the goal of driving increased traffic to their e-commerce store at www.goldeyes.com.

See the original post:
Winnipeg Goldeyes Re-Engage Fresh Traffic Group – PR Inside

Online classified ad money order scam

Jan 10, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   Online Classifieds, Online Scam, Winnipeg  //  4 Comments

Winnipeg police are urging users of classified advertising websites to be wary of online scams, following reports from several suspicious people.

These are not new and this has been going on for years, mainly from Nigeria and other African countries, but beware a lot of these now have associates in all western countries.

A shore sign & hint will be when asked to transfer monies back to them via Western Union when they over pay you for items by the following methods.

travellers cheques

Money orders that’s too much for the purchase.

Business cheques

Anyone with information on such activity is asked to report it to PhoneBusters at info@phonebusters.com.

And police ask anyone who has been a victim of this kind of fraud to contact them at 986-6222.

Use your head, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Winnipeggers are renowned cheap bargain basement, hence the hit on Winnipeg, You get what you pay for, forearmed is forewarned.

Winnipeg Dare to Dream

Jan 5, 2010   //   by FreshTraffic   //   Leeds, Winnipeg  //  276 Comments

This is my home towns history, similar in a lot of ways to Winnipeg.

Similar population, you had the fur trade, we had wool, but Leeds diversified and changed with the times. Leeds is now the UK’s largest centre for business, legal, and financial services outside London,and according to the most recent Office for National Statistics estimates, Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK.

This could be Winnipeg. Please read on and see if you can pick similarities.

Leeds developed as a market town in the Middle Ages as part of the local agricultural economy. Prior to the Industrial Revolution it had become a co-ordination centre for the making of woollen cloth; with white broadcloth being traded at the Leeds White Cloth Hall.

Leeds was handling one sixth of England’s export trade in 1770. Growth, initially in textiles, was accelerated by the building of the Aire and Calder Navigation in 1699 and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in 1816.

The railway network constructed around Leeds, starting with the Leeds and Selby Railway in 1834, provided improved communications with national markets and, significantly for its development, an east-west connection with Manchester and the ports of Liverpool and Hull giving improved access to international markets.

Alongside technological advances and industrial expansion, Leeds retained an interest in trading in agricultural commodities, with the Corn Exchange opening in 1864.

In the early years the most significant of the factories were woollen finishing and flax mills; diversifying by 1914 to printing, engineering, chemicals and clothing manufacture.

Decline in manufacturing during the 1930s was temporarily reversed by a switch to producing military uniforms and munitions during World War II. However, by the 1970s the clothing industry was in irreversible decline, facing cheap foreign competition.

The contemporary economy of Leeds has been shaped by Leeds City Council having the vision of building a ’24 hour European city’ and a ‘capital of the north’. It has developed from the decay of the post-industrial era to become a telephone banking centre, connected to the electronic infrastructure of the modern global economy There has been growth in the corporate and legal sectors and increased local affluence has led to an expanding retail sector, including the luxury goods market.

The internationally acclaimed University of Leeds, together with Leeds Metropolitan University and Leeds Trinity University College has made the city a major centre of higher education. The student population has stimulated growth of the nightlife in the city and there are ample facilities for sporting and cultural activities, including classical and popular music festivals, and a varied collection of museums.

Leeds has a diverse economy with employment in the service sector now far exceeding that in the traditional manufacturing industries. In 2002, 401,000 employees were registered in the Leeds district. Of these 24.7% were in public administration, education and health, 23.9% were in banking finance and insurance and 21.4% were in distribution, hotels and restaurants.

It is in the banking, finance and insurance sectors that Leeds differs most from the financial structure of the region and the nation. The city is the location of one of the largest financial centres in England outside London.

Tertiary industries such as retail, call centres, offices and media have contributed to a high rate of economic growth. In 2006 GVA for city was recorded at $32 billion, with the entire Leeds City Region generating an economy of $92 billion.

The extensive retail area of Leeds is identified as the principal regional shopping centre for the whole of the Yorkshire and the Humber region and approximately 3.2 million people live within its catchment area.

There are a number of indoor shopping centres in the middle of the city, including the Merrion Centre, Leeds Shopping Plaza, St John’s Centre, Headrow Centre, the Victoria Quarter, The Light and the Corn Exchange.

In total there are approximately 1,000 retail stores, with a combined floorspace of 2,264,100 square feet (210,340 m2).

Of the 40,000 people who work in retailing in Leeds 75% work in places which are not located in the city centre. There are additional shopping centres located in the many villages that became part of the county borough and in the towns that were incorporated in the City of Leeds in 1974.

Office developments, also traditionally located in the inner area, have expanded south of the River Aire and total 11,000,000 square feet (1,000,000 m2) of space.

In the period from 1999 to 2008 $5bn of property development was undertaken in central Leeds; of which $1.4bn has been offices, $530m retail, $775m leisure and $1.6bn housing.

Manufacturing and distribution uses accounts for $50m of new property development in the period. There are 130,100 jobs in the city centre, accounting for 31% of all jobs in the wider district. In 2007, 47,500 jobs were in finance and business, 42,300 in public services, and 19,500 in retail and distribution. 43% of finance sector jobs in the district are contained in Leeds city centre and 44% of those employed in the city centre live more than nine kilometres away.

It’s your turn Winnipeg, dare to dream or let Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and the rest keep calling you the shit pot of Canada.

Info from Wiki

Winnipeg Business Please Change

Dec 31, 2009   //   by FreshTraffic   //   Canadian Museum for Human Rights, CentrePort, internet marketing, WAA, Winnipeg, winnipeg business, Winnipeg Chamber  //  Comments Off

When I arrived here in 2007 I saw Winnipeg as a place of opportunity, I had calls and emails from around the globe asking why of all places Winnipeg. The BBC called me the first week I was here asking the same thing.

I use to answer opportunity, locality and a nice place to live.

In recent times I have questioned myself on more than one occasion, a nice place to live? It is, a little jewel that not many people know about, but trying to do business here, well that’s another question.

I was harassed by the chamber when I arrived to join the business community, I succumb and became the 2008th member in 2008, it even got a mention in the local Free Press.

What have they done so far for me? absolutely nothing.

I did enjoy the golf tournament though, I also had the pleasure of sitting down with the president Dave Angus after I had been here two years and asked him if he knew what I did, he openly admitted he had no idea.

We showed him letters of thanks from very prominent world business leaders which raised a few brows, when asked if we could help the chamber progress in to the new world of digital Internet media he was very open to that, as in his own words the chamber had failed miserably in the last nine years in trying to get Winnipeg anywhere on the map.

If your a business leader, premier or mayor (sorry Sam gets it) and your reading this, it’s time to act.

In the late 1800’s early 1900’s Winnipeg was thriving, the coming of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1881, Agriculture was a booming, The Manitoba Legislative Building reflects the optimism of those boom years.

Winnipeg has stood still on a global stage since those glorious days, but it’s coming back full circle.

CentrePort, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Winnipeg Airport Extension to name a few, all huge new developments that can be beneficial to all Manitobans and yes could potentially put Winnipeg Manitoba on the map.

But it wont happen by painting a bus that travels up and down Portage Avenue or a billboard on Main Street, Flyer distribution or even a TV commercial aimed at Ontario, if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen ONLINE.

But beware “Having a beautiful website no one can find is like having a store and keeping the doors locked. You know it is there, you’ve done a great job decorating it, the products are waiting for the customers, yet no one comes in.”

Online is where most people look for anything these days, this is not to say old traditional marketing is dead, it’s not, we just have to integrate it into the new.

When I arrived and decided to open office here, we did are due diligence and found three other Winnipeg company’s offering Internet marketing, admittedly web design companies who had just added the latest buzz word tag, today two years on we have over 190 claiming to do the same.

Now we like to think with the PR coverage we got opening the new office here that we started a trend with others deciding to jump on the gravy train, but with these numbers it must be the fastest growing Winnipeg industry.

Winnipeg you have a great opportunity to prosper, dont waste it, It’s time for change.